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Hanover Area Historical Society Museum Committee Spring - Summer 2010

One of the most active sub-committees of the Museum Committee is our Photographic Sub-Committee. Located at the Warehime-Myers Mansion on the corner of Baltimore and Hanover streets, the committee, now four members strong, is the scene of much discussion, description and thought as they acquire, sort, indentify and describe the thousands of images in our collections.

Co-Chaired by Richard "Dick" Crouse and Don Jamison and joined by Ann Black and Jim Sennett, the committee has the responsibility of caring for the many types of imagery donated to our Society. Most of the images consist of paper positives, celluloid and glass plate negatives, slides and the occasional portrait make up the collection. The chief challenge for these Hanover natives is the identification of the many hundreds of unidentified photos and negatives in the collection. Many hours have been and are spent examining the images and pooling their collective experiences and memories attempt to place the image in historical time as well as its location in Hanover or the greater Hanover area. The most recent effort to identify some of the more obscure and difficult to name images was led by Don Jamison. Don has taken these hard to name photos and mounted them for display at our Historical Society booth at the Hanover Market house and has been soliciting help from passersby to help identify the photos. The results have been quite rewarding as several of these images have been identified and corroborated by others.

The most recent development in the Committee has been the scanning of the photo images into our Museum Committee database along with the descriptive data. This will allow for faster image retrieval and with photo enhancement software allow for closer examination without the risk of excessive handling and potential damage to the original image. The Photographic Sub-Committee meets each Monday morning at the mansion from 9 to noon.

For additional information and queries contact Ken Weiler at kweiler1@comcast.net

Ken Weiler Co-Chairman, Museum Committee